24 September, 2020

  Georgios Soumelidis

Cello Soloist:  Ntina Saratzi


In the beginning of September I set to myself a challenge to complete. For each week I would start a project and upload it on every Thursday. Four Thursdays had this September, four projects I had to complete, one per week. Six days to: find a concept, select the video, compose the music, create the music sheets preparing the soloists, arrange the recording session and finally orchestrate the whole piece merging it with the video.

Four beautiful gems emerged. The “Midsummer Night’s Dreaming”, the “Immortal Swan”, the “Hero” and the last but not least “RevARTlution”!

I experienced one of the most creative periods of my life. Everything from scratch and without knowing what will follow. There was no schedule, there were no concrete concepts. Just pure, on-the-fly creative process.

Though, there were also moments with no ideas, no inspirations. There were times I felt like swimming on dark waters without any view of the shore..

Pure darkness.

Should I have panicked? Should I have quit? It was an option..

A small voice inside me proposed that maybe this situation could be a unique opportunity to explore deeper the origins of my music. Deeper into my personal musical expression. Apparently it was a great opportunity to explore myself as a human, as a person.

Taking the long journey of getting deeper and deeper into my feelings I finally reached the center. At first I thought that was the origin of my music. But it was something much more. It was the origin of my whole existence. And that place was in my Heart!

Just by realising it I felt the whole Universe flowing through me. All the beauty of the Cosmos exposed on each and every cell of my body. The dark cold waters became hot sunny beaches and ideas and inspirations were bursting like millions supernovae lighting a moonless sky.

Art is in the Heart!

That was a revelation.

That was a revolution.

Ntina Saratzi, Raisa Popailidi, Agustín E. Rodas. I could not thank enough my wonderful soloists for standing by me throughout the whole process, sharing the same love and passion for music. I found that there is always a place for them in my heart.. as well as in my compositions.

I close the current chapter with a video sequence I borrowed from the 1964 masterpiece “Soy Cuba”.

A funeral. A celebration of change and rebirth.

A RevARTlution!

The Revolution introduced me to art,
and in turn, art introduced me to the Revolution!

- Albert Einstein