The Hero

  17 September, 2020

  Georgios Soumelidis

Double Bass Soloist:  Agustín E. Rodas


About Heroes..

Everyone has a hero. From our small ages we all had a heroic figure we wanted to copy to overcome difficult situations. A combination of a perfect builded body with intelligence and wisdom that was always available, always able to win a brawl, solve riddles, conquer worlds, succeed the undoable, survive the impossible.. all the things a little child would dream.

Growing into this world the icon of the Hero steadily started to change. The shape of the “ideal” image of a Hero felt like a wrong key to the doors leading to my pursuits’ paths. Courage, determination, compassion, became the main attributes of my Heroic ideals. The looks, the shape, the “package wrapping” became not only of none importance, but most of the time they were acting as misleading instruments for a person that wants to mend oneself.

This project is an allegorical representation of one of my Heroes. A noble gentleman that against all the odds he reveals his compassion, his courage, his strength, sacrificing his life.

This project could not be completed if not Agustín E. Rodas, an outstanding musician, a friend of mine and a true Hero drew his leading solo with his double bass. After all.. Only a true Hero can understand one another.

Survivors return home
heroes never come home..

- Bob Feller