COVID-19 edition

  March, 2020

Produced:  Georgios Soumelidis


The 2020 pandemic found me at my studio, in a remote location outside the city of Thessaloniki finishing some of the productions I started earlier. Suprizingly the lockdown and the crisis in the ARTS & MEDIA department did not lead me to slumber. On the contrary gave me plenty of time to reflect, to study, to discuss and to welcome new ideas for future projects with my wonderful coleagues and fellow musicians.

In the meantime there was an intresting trend going on facebook where fellow musicians were challenging one another with little projects. I got surprized by my wonderful cellist Ntina Saratzi when she challenged me. I wanted to do so much.. but I felt my body strangled, confined. My mind though was free.. like a wolf.. and so I followed..

our body might be strangled.. but our minds are free, like the wolves.. running at the snowy woods