talent waste

  November, 2019

  Senny Rapoport

  Georgios Soumelidis


On November 2019 my Izraeli friend and film director Senny Rapoport came to visit me in my home/studio in Greece. He was so full of life and ambitious and stated that he fell in love with this country and proposed me to create together a production company here.

After long talks with coleagues and producers and after many days of research and frustrations he just took his camera and dissapeared for a whole day.

When he came back he occupied my computer and started editing his footage. When he finished he shouted "Hey maestro, now it is your turn"

I was surprized. I also did not understand the topic.

He said that was exactly what he wanted to express.
"This shit is everywere and it is crazy.. so do it crazy"

I then too occupied my computer for the whole day.

When I finished we saw the movie together.. and in one voice we shouted raising our glasses:

this is not just a movie..
its a fuckin' statement!!